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Egg Broccoli Train Roll (Egg Brocoli Bhurji Wrap)

31 Mar 2017

Egg Bhurji is nothing but a Indian scrambled eggs, its one of the favorite breakfast for kids.This recipe is super easy to prepare but I added just a twist to it by including some veggie like broccoli to make it more healthier. Broccoli egg roll combination works mind blowing , the kids will not find any difference in the taste as such.(For all those veggie moms you can try out this same recipe by replacing the eggs with paneer)To encourage kids to finish their roll especially those fussy kids like my elder one , you can design the rolls in the shape of train and present it to your kids. Trust me they will want it more and more 🙂 Full recipe

Marathi Style chicken Rassa\Kalvan\Curry

11 Mar 2017

Maharashtrian style chicken ke kalvan/rassa or chicken curry is mindblowing curry which is prepared with onions , grated coconut,tomatoes and special kala masala.This chicken is prepared in famous kala masala(black masala) which is very popular Khandesh region.This ‘khandeshi’ style of cooking is famous in north maharashtra including cities like Dhule,Jalgoan.
I will be sharing the recipe of Kala Masala in my next blog, kala masala is used in many famous curries like rassa or amti.It’s again one of my favorite recipe from my mom’s kitchen , nothing can beat the taste.
This spicy aromatic chicken gravy is mostly either rice,bhakri’s or chapati’s.Do try this recipe at home and let me know experience 🙂 Read more..

Chicken 65

10 Mar 2017

Chicken 65 is a spicy, deep-fried chicken dish first made in Chennai’s restaurant.Many chefsbelieve that 65 chillies were used in each 1 kilogram of chicken hence the dish is name aschicken 65.It is one of the most popular starter all across India ,it is prepared using bonelesschicken pieces with spices and then deep fried and later tempered with green chillies and curry adding the beautiful aroma to it as well as cooked in yogurt/dahi.Read more..

Simple and quick Oreo pudding

08 Mar 2017

Today, all over the world,we celebrate International women’s Day, On this special day I thought of sharing this yummy treat to all you lovely,strong and beautiful women’s. Take a break from kitchen and treat yourself with this tasty dessert.

Oreo pudding is quick and easy no-bake desserts , it’s a layer of an Oreo chunks and a whipped cream.
Its a perfect dessert when you need to prepare something really quick. Try this quick,yummy
and delicious dessert and share your experience with us. Read more..

Bharli Vangi/Stuffed Baigan/Brinjals

07 Mar 2017

Bharli Vangi or Bharleli Vangi (Stuffed Brinjals/baigan) is a popular Maharashtrian dish and its one of my favorite dish from my mom’s kitchen. I just love the masala flavors and fragrance stuffed in brinjals(egg plant), the texture and aroma is so tempting of this dish that you just can’t resist it. It’s a big hit in my family and among my friends circle. I wanted to share this recipe quiet a long time now.
Do try this recipe , its very simple and easy to cook . For detail do watch you tube video.
If you like the recipe please leave your valuable feedback and also subscribe to my channel for more such yummy recipes.Read more ..

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