Aloo Poha Roll

Aloo poha roll with cheese stuffing 🙂





Author : Shweta Shah



Green Chilli(crushed)
Red chilli powder
Everest garam masala
Corn flour
Oil (for frying)

Directions || How to prepare Aloo Poha Roll


1) Soak poha in water and strain it out.

2). Boil potatoes and grate them.

3). Mix soaked poha and grated potato in a bowl.

4). Add all the masala, coriander,lemon, green chilli.

5). Mix all these ingredients properly and form balls from this mixture.

6). Dice the cheese into small cubes. Put 2-3 such tiny cubes in centre of each ball of the mixture.

7). Form proper ball again and see to it that cheese doesnt come out.

8). Take corn flour in a bowl and put the balls in it, take them out such that balls are equally covered with it.This makes balls crisp.

9). Fry them in oil and enjoy! On frying, the cheese cubes placed in the balls will melt and when you cut the ball in half, it becomes delight for cheese lovers😋

Can be served with tomato ketchup, green chutney or anything you like!