Baby recipes


This is my first ever blog on home made baby food. I have been getting many request from my viewers and friends to share few baby recipes.The recipes which I am sharing have been tried by my both older and younger daughter when they were babies.I always preferred to go for home made purees as they are fresh ,hygiene and less expensive than commercial baby foods.



When should I introduce solid baby food to my baby ?

The Indian Association of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding as the exclusive source of nutrition
till 6 months of age. At around 4-6 months talk to your doctor and once the doctor gives you a go signal,
you can start solids for your baby.Your baby will also show you sign of readiness.


What kind of signs indicates that your baby is ready ?

1. Your baby will keep its head in a steady upright position.
2. Your baby is doubling its birth weight is a sign that your baby is ready.
3. Increase curiosity when they watch you eating food.
4. They hold their mouth open and imitate eating behavior.

Good hygiene practices before preparing baby food

Wash your hands and work surfaces(counter tops) before you start to prepare meals for your baby.
make sure you wash your pots , spoons , bottles ,bowls and spatulas, all the other equipment’s with water and
sterilize  it with hot water.
If your baby is eating finger foods or eating with his hands, wash his hands before he eats his meals.
Change kitchen cloths and tea towels frequently.
How to start your baby food ?
If you decide to start the baby food around 4-6 months, you ensure that the food should be in liquid form.
Introduce each new food after 3-4 days of interval , normally in India tradition baby is introduce with moong dal water.
Baby is fed with the same moong dal water for 3-4 days ,if everything goes fine like there is no allergies/rash or constipation
Baby can be kept on the same diet and then later introduce with new food after 4 days.

Babies should be start with fruits , vegetables and rice cereal for 4-6 months and then you can
introduce meat/fish slowly and gradually. There is no need to hurry ,take it very slowly
initially with one teaspoon and with one tablespoon or so. So here we go , try these recipes at home
and do share your experiences. I would love to hear back from you 🙂

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