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Chicken Tandoori Braided Pizza

04 Feb 2017


Chicken Tandoori Braided Pizza recipe has been shared by one of the lovely mom I know and my dear friend Samra Khan. She is an amazing cook, i just love her food and glad that i am able to share one of her amazing dish.Read more…

Chicken Keema Club sandwich

02 Feb 2017

_dsc6679Learn how to make your hearty dinner/breakfast or snacks with your very own chicken ready in 20 minutes right at home!
Enjoy this delicious club sandwich made with no grill required.Watch step by step recipe.

Garlic Cheese Toast Bread

30 Jan 2017 


Oven Baked Chicken Drumsticks

25 Jan 2017


Oven baked Chicken Legs/drumsticks is an amazing delicious quick dish prepared at home restaurant style.These drumsticks have been marinated with garlic ginger paste and my favorite curd.
As you bake them,the smell is going to drive you crazy ,trust me you and your family will really enjoy it. Read more..

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