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Bharli Vangi/Stuffed Baigan/Brinjals

Bharli Vangi or Bharleli Vangi (Stuffed Brinjals/baigan) is a popular Maharashtrian dish and its one of my favorite dish from my mom’s kitchen. I just love the masala flavors and fragrance stuffed in brinjals(egg plant), the texture and aroma is so tempting of this dish that you just can’t resist it. It’s a big hit in my family and among my friends circle. I wanted to share this recipe quiet a long time now.
Do try this recipe , its very simple and easy to cook .Read more ..

Bharleli Mirchi/Stuffed Mirchi(banana pepper) Bajji

Bharli Mirchi is again of the popular Maharashtrian Style Stuffed Green Chillies deep fried using the besan batter.My mom used to make all type of bajjis at home like onion , potato and many more but among all,this exceptional bharleli mirchi is my favorite as the tangy, spicy stuffed mirchi can be eaten with dal-rice (varan-bhaat) or roti. I chose to make use of the banana pepper and since the flavor of banana pepper is not too hot , it served as perfect side dish with dal rice for kids too 🙂
So the first experiment with banana pepper turned out to be good light side dish for my family.Read more…

Restaurant style Sambar

62aea24f-233f-40d4-bb6e-e0e8d4003d91Sambar, also spelt sambhar, is a lentil-based stew, it is either prepared with one of these vegetables
or a combination of them – drumstick, carrot, radish, pumpkin, white radish, potatoes, tomatoes,
brinjal (eggplant) and whole or halved shallots or onions.Initially I always prepared Sambhar the way my mom used to prepare maharashtrian style but later discover that using tamarind in sambar gives a perfect taste of tangy flavor to this recipe.The trial and error was successful and succeeded preparing this restaurant style south indian Sambar.This sambhar I preparedit to have with Idli but you can also try it with rice as well as dosa.Do watch the video and follow step by step to get the same taste and flavor.Read more

Vegetable Pulao simple and easy

vegetale-rice_dsc6901Vegetable Pulao(In Urdu is pronounced pulao) or Pilaf(English term pilaf is borrowed directly from Turkish) is a rice dish mixed with vegetables cooked with spices adds and aromatic flavor to this recipe.Vegetables like carrots, capsicum and French beans that are added in Pulao are very healthy and nutritious to eat.
It is so yummy and colourful that no one won’t resist a plate of this mouthwatering food and its also one of the kids favorite rice.Read more..

Boondi Raita (quick and easy dip)

boondi-raita-_dsc6905Raita is a condiment from the Indian subcontinent, mostly an integral part of North Indian cuisine.
In western cuisine raita is mostly called as a side dish or dip, or a cooked salad.
Boondi is a Rajasthani snack food made from fried chickpea flour.
Boondi dipped in curd is know as boondi raita which is a simple and easy dish served with paratha or pulao.
Read more..

Masala fried Baigan/Vangi



Baigan known as Vangi in marathi or Eggplant in english . Masala fried baigan is a very common dish all over India.
My kids and husband both are not fond of baigan so I thought of trying something new with it,which can attract them 🙂 hence I scooped the fried Baigan’s with curd/dahi and it turned out to be yum yum yummy.Read more …


Sev Kanda(sev-tameta-nu-shaak)



Sev Kanda in Marathi also know as sev tameta nu shaak in gujarati,a quick & easy gujarati recipe basically spicy, sweet and tangy tomato curry topped with crisp sev. Read more…


Bhendi /Okra Masala fry


A typical Maharashtrian origin Spicy crispy bhendi masala with fried okra/bhendi

and peanut powder and other spices combined together.Read more …




Veg Kofta Curry

Veg Kofta Curry

The word kofta comes from Persian kufta ‘rissole’: (kuftan) means “to beat” or “to

grind”, hence grinding the meat of the meatball. Read More

Gobi Manchurian

Gobi Manchurian , tried first time.
Gobi Manchurian

Gobi Manchurian is an Indian Chinese fried cauliflower food item popular in India.This spicy, slightly crunchy is a perfect appetizer or may even be served as a side dish.Read More


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