Sunny side Egg Omlette

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Omelette is one of the tastiest ,quickest and the most yummiest dish for breakfast with toasted bread slices.
The traditional Indian omlette with the least minimal ingredients is famous world wide. I have given a slight twist in this recipe by combining the omlette and bread and giving it a shape of a boat πŸ™‚ My kids attacked the boat and finished it off within a sec πŸ™‚
My kids just loved it with some tomato ketchup. You can also roll this omlette in chapati which will served as a light lunch or a perfect dinner.
Do try and leave your comments . I would love to hear back from you all πŸ™‚

Preparation time : 10 mins
Cooking time : 5 mins
Serves : 2


2 Eggs
2 tbsp Onions chopped
1 green chilly finely chopped(optional)
1 tbsp milk

1 tbsp finely chopped coriander leaves
Oil for cooking
salt as per taste

For plating

Boiled egg

finely chopped carrots

Direction || How to prepare Sunny side Omlette

Break the eggs directly into a bowl,add onions , milk ,green chilli, salt and chopped coriander.

Beat the mixture well till frothy.

Heat oil in a pan and on a low flame Pour the egg mixture to the pan.

Place the toast bread over it and cook one side of the omlette.

Flip it to the other side slowly.

Gently press it down with a ladle.

Once both the sides are cooked to golden, remove from heat.

Serve hot with Indian roti, bread slice or as it is with any dip.

We enjoyed it with our toast and tomato ketchup,
To prepare Boat (watch the video for the proper instructions)

Cover the bread edges with the omlette and cut the bread diagonally into half.

Give one piece a shape of a boat and another a flag.

Cut the boiled egg into round pieces,take one piece out.

Decorate the plate along with the boiled egg piece and covering it with a pieces of carrots around giving it as shape of sun and rays.

Form the water waves with the tomato ketchup and serve it your kids.

I bet they will just love it πŸ™‚


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