Homemade Mango Cheese Cake

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IMG_8191Mango cheesecake is a smooth , silky fruity , delicious cheese cake made of cream cheese and mango puree. This is the best dessert you can prepare for guests or parties.
I always wanted to try this recipe and today is a special
day as my younger daughter turned 30 months old today. Mango is a favorite fruit and hence I wanted to prepare this special cake on this occasion. And I am glad it turned out good, just a little
glitch here and there as I had no baking pan but I am happy i could prepare it at home.So what are you waiting for , try this mango cheesecake today as Mango season is almost over now.


For the bottom layer:

14 to 15 crackers(I used chocos instead) or hide and seek biscuits
4 tbsp honey or 4 tbsp melted butter

For the middle layer :

8 pieces of Amul/Britania cheese cubes

3/4 cup of refined sugar
3 tsp of vanilla extract
200 gm whipped cream

For the top layer :

4 medium mangoes – yields about 2 cups of mango pulp ( i used Alphonso mangoes. use any good quality mangoes which are sweet)
1 tbsp of gelatin powder(agar agar powder)
2 tbsp water
3 tsp refined sugar

Preparation || How to prepare mango cheese cake:

Top layer :

Cut each mango and make a small pieces of it.
Put the mango pieces in a blender and prepare a mango puree.


Take a tablespoon of unflavored gelatin and combined it with 2 tablespoon of water and give it a mix
till it combines well.Add gelatin to mango puree .

Now add 3 to 4 teaspoon of refined sugar as per the sweetness to the mango puree and stir it once again.

Bottom layer :

To prepare a base ,add crushed biscuits (hide seek) or crushed chocos in a bowl


and add 4 tablespoon of melted butter to it and mix everything together with the help of spatula untill you get a wet sandy mixture form.

Now distribute the crushed biscuits to the baking pan.


Middle layer :

Take 8 pieces of cheese cubes and add 3/4 cup of refined sugar as well as 3 teaspoon of vanilla extract
to it and whisk it well to form a cream (You need to whisk for 10 – 15 minutes ).


IMG_8183Once a nice creamy cheese is form , add 200 gm of whipped cream to the mixture and whisk it again
(you can either use electric whisker or you can do it manually)


IMG_8185To prepare the Cake

Now spoon the creamy cheese mixture over the biscuit layer(bottom layer) and fill the pan untill it covers 3/4 of it.


Next pour the mango puree over the top and spread it evenly.


Chill in the set cake in the fridge overnight or you can set it for 6-8 hours

Once the cake is nicely set , remove it gently from the baking pan and you can decorate it with
any design or message you like to.


Once done , you are ready to serve this yummy delicious mango cheesecake 🙂


Note : Removing the cheesecake from the pan is a bit tricky and a tedious job if you have no right equipment’s.

I went through a challenge while setting and taking it out from the pan as I had no detachable pan. hence i suggest if making the cheese cake for the first time, then i would suggest you to use glasses or bowls,
so that you can just make the layers in them. The mango cheesecake served in individual bowls or glasses, looks pleasing as well as easy to serve.


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