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Rice Moong Dal Khichdi | 8 months + baby

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Rice Moong dal khichdi is a nutrition rich food for a baby.I have introduced rice and moong dal water separately to my little one , then once she started adjusting to it , I offered her this khicidi at the age of 8 months. This simple rice dal khichdi can be introduced to babies at the age of 8+ months baby.Its easy to chew and prepared with rice ,moong and ghee and its so delicious and healthy that its a recommended food for babies.


Try to feed some small amount first may be 2 to 3 tbsp first and then later you can increase the quantity to a half bowl.


2 tbsp(appox 1/4 cup) rice (surti kolam)

1 tbsp moong dal(yellow spilt beans)

1 teaspoon of ghee

1/2 tsp of cumin seeds

1 pinch hing (asafoetida)

1/2 tsp of turmeric

2 cups water

salt to taste(avoid for baby less than 8 months)

Directions || How to prepare Rice Moong dal khichdi for babies

Clean and wash moong dal and rice well.

Soak dal and rice in water for half an hour.

Heat the ghee in a pan.

Put the cumin seeds and hing till cumin crackles.

Next add turmeric and hing to it,saute for few seconds.

Add soaked rice and dal to it.

Add 2 cups of water.

Cook for few more minutes to get the consistency you like. Add some more water if needed.

Mash the khichdi lightly with a spoon and serve with some more ghee on top if you want.


Rice and Dal homemade cerelac(4 Months +)

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Rice Dal homemade cerelac makes very handy whenever you want to make instant food for baby.

Rice is considered to a very low allergic food and it is ideal for babies to consume.Rice can be given to babies who are as young as 5 months old.Rice is a good source of B complex vitamins and proteins and easy to digest.

The health benefits of moong dal for babies include good source of vitamins, minerals, and protein
and easy to digest.

I made this rice dal porridge powder in small quantity but you can make it in bulk for a month.
Store it in air tight container and use it whenever required.Try to introduce this porridge after you have started rice and moong dal water separately for your little one.
Check out in my next recipe , how to prepare porridge of this rice and dal cerelac.


1 cup Rice
3/4 cup Moong dal

Directions || How to prepare Rice Dal homemade cerelac

Rinse the rice and moong dal well with water and remove it in a kitchen towel.
Let it dry or use it directly.
Dry roast the rice in kadai, till you get a shiny, puffed up turned slight into golden brown.
Similarly dry roast the moong dal
Cool and grind to a powder. Sieve the coarse particles to get a fine powder.
Store in an airtight box in a cool and dry place.