Smiley Sushi Rolls

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Sushi is a traditional food from Japan. It is a popular dish in other countries as well, such as America, Canada, and the UK, along with many other countries.
Sushi is made with specially prepared rice and it mostly contains raw or cooked seafood, and sometimes vegetables as well. I tried to prepared homemade Sushi roll
for my kids with raw vegetables. Trust me it’s not only healthy but yummy as well.Since it bought smile on my daughter’s face , i called this dish as smiley Sushi.
Do try and let me know if you were successful to get the smile on your kids face 🙂

Preparation time : 15 mins
Cooking time : Nil
Serves :2


4 bread slices
¼ cup cream cheese
½ cup finely cut green capsicum juliennes (also know as juliennes )
½ cup yellow bell pepper juliennes
½ cup cucumber juliennes
½ cup carrot juliennes
¼ cup boiled corn
Salt to taste
chat masala powder to taste
Blanched spring onion stalk as required

For garnishing

Salad bouquet
Tomato ketchup as required

Direction || How to prepare Sushi rolls

Cut the sides of the bread.

Flatten the bread with the help of a rolling pin.

Apply cream cheese on this bread.

On these bread slices fill cucumber juliennes, carrot juliennes, green bell pepper juliennes, yellow bell pepper juliennes, boiled corn, salt, chat masala powder and make a roll.

Cut the sides of the roll.

Wrap the rolled bread with the help of blanched spring onion stalk. Make similar rolls.

Place the rolls on the plate and decorate it with Bouquet of Salad (Tie the carrot,cucumber,green capsicum and yellow bell pepper with the help of blanched spring onion stalk).

Decorate with tomato ketchup.

Smiley Sushi rolls are




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