Nutella Bread Swiss Roll

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It’s back to school time and when the kids come home with rumbling tummies ,each and every mom thinks of some easy, healthy after school snacks to keep going till dinner.
I have few collection of recipes, one of them is Nutella bread and cheese swiss roll.
This 3-ingredient recipe is just the perfect snacks for your kids.
Try it and share your experiences with your kids.

Prep Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: Nil
Serves: 2


Cheese spread
3 slices of Brown or white bread

Direction || How to prepare Swiss Roll

First cut the edges of all the breads

Flatten the breads with the roller.

Apply cheese to the first layer of the bread.

Apply Nutella on the second layer of the bread.

Flatten and apply Nutella on the third layer.

You can even apply cheese or butter of your choice.

Place all the slices one above the other and roll them

Now cut the roll into pieces gently.

Serve your kids with this real quick ,simple and yummy dish.


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