Beat the Heat .. cool refreshing summer drinks

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Nothing beats the heat like a tall, refreshing glass of ice-cold smoothie or milkshakes on a hot summer day. Here are some cool non-alcoholic summer drinks the whole family will love.

These refreshing summer drinks are fruit-filled, kid-friendly and adult-pleasing – take your pick!

Cold coffee with ice cream


Summer is upon us already, and by now most of us have switched over to drinking iced drinks. So why not try cold coffee instead of hot coffee.Try this refreshing iced and Cold Coffee to Beat the Heat.


Its quick and easy to prepare at home.You can even serve your guest with cold coffee instead of hot tea/coffee this summer. click here for recipe



Strawberry Smoothie

Strawberries start to ripen as early as March, you can get the juicy red berries fresh as late as October, making summer the perfect season for the most popular berry in the world.

Many people eat strawberries on ice cream, or dip them in sugar. Check out this soothing and refreshing healthy Strawberry smoothie to recharge your energy levels.. Click here for recipe.




Watermelon Slush 


A watermelon contains about 6% sugar and 91% water.As with many other fruits, it is a good source of vitamin C and is low in fat.Its a cook and refreshing juice best to beat the summer heat.

Try this recipe for sure. Click here for recipe


Kiwi Banana Smoothie


Having Kiwi fruit has many health benefits in the month of Ramadan since fasting can also lead to increased acidity levels, which might lead to indigestion.The actinidin contained in kiwi fruits can also help aid in the digestion of foods that are of dairy, meat and legume source hence I prefer to have this fruit but normally they are little sour in taste , so I don’t enjoy them much. Yesterday I found the Kiwi’s at home were little ripe.I just didn’t wanted to discard them off , I thought of preparing its milkshake but with Banana and to my surprise I discovered Kiwi and bananas go together very well.

So If you have super-ripe and sweet bananas that are either fresh or frozen and your Kiwis have ripened so that they are quite sweet too, instead of super-tangy, then combine the two together in a blender this is what you get – a truly healthy sweet milkshake .. Click here for recipe..

Fruit Milkshakes

Mango smoothieWatermelon mint juiceStrawberry Milkshake