7 months baby recipes

Baby carrot juice

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Carrots make a good first vegetable puree as carrots are excellent source of vitamin A,and its rich in fibers which helps infant to have normal bowel movements.Carrots also contain some iron,calcium and Vitamin C. Carrots are also good for your baby eyes. .
You can start giving you baby this juice after 6 months.
While carrot juice is healthy, it should never replace formula or breast milk in your child’s diet,
as your child gets his or her main nutrients from breast milk or formula up until their first birthday.
Carrot juice can be given to babies after the 6th month. About 2 to 4 ounces can be given at the start.

Ingredients required

1 medium size carrot
1/4 cup water boiled and cooled
1/4 tsp sugar(optional)

Directions || How to prepare carrot juice for babies

Wash the carrots thoroughly.
Peel the skin.
Grate the carrot with the handy grater.
Add the grated carrot to a blender,sugar and a bit of water so that you can grind it well.
Take the ground pulp and strain it through a sieve or a muslin cloth.
Dilute the juice with water, especially if you are introducing it to their diet.
The ratio should be 1 parts of juice to 3 parts of water.
For older kids it can be equal amounts of juice and water.


Fruit Yogurts for babies (7+ months )

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Yogurt is among the healthiest food because of the significantly high amount of nutrients it contains, particularly protein and calcium.
It is available in markets and can also be easily prepared at home.

Flavored yogurt and Greek yogurt are popular yogurt variants available in supermarkets.
Organic, home-made yogurt is better than packaged yogurt available in the market.
Home-made yogurt can be fed to infants above 7 months.

There are several benefits of feeding yogurt to babies.

1.Enhances Digestive Health
2.Relieves Diarrhea in Babies
3.Helps Treat Insomnia
4.Boosts Immunity
5.Improves Bone Health

Tips on Using Yogurt for Babies

  • Use full-fat milk yogurt to babies since the fats in whole milk promote vision and brain development.
    Avoid adding honey or sugar to sweeten yogurt to prevent dental decay and cavities in babies.
  • Preparation Time 10-minutes
    Cooking Time 10 minutes

Strawberry Yogurt


3- 4 fresh strawberries
1 tbsp greek yogurt / yogurt
1 tsp sugar optional

Preparation || How to make Strawberry Yogurt

Chop the top off the strawberries, then blend with the yogurt – simple!
You can blend and leave it a little lumpy, or blend until super smooth.
If your little one does not like the strawberry seeds, simply press through a fine sieve/mesh

Banana Yogurt


1 medium ripe banana, cut up
1 tbsp greek yogurt / yogurt

Preparation || How to make Banana Yogurt

Cut Banana into pieces ,then blend with the yogurt – simple in a food processor.
Cover and process until smooth.
Serve this yogurt fresh to your baby , Storing this mixture is not recommended.

Apple Yogurt


1 apple
1 tbsp greek yogurt / yogurt
1 tsp sugar optional

Preparation || How to make Apple Yogurt

Wash the apple thoroughly and peel it carefully so as not to destroy the part you’ll need for the recipe.
Remove the middle part with the seeds and chop the apple into pieces approximately 1/3-inch in size.

Place the apple pieces with water in a pot over low heat without letting it boil, approximately 15 minutes or until the apple is soft.

Remove from the heat and let cool.
Cut boil apple and yogurt or sugar (if desire) in a food processor, blend until it has the smooth consistency of baby food. Mix with yogurt and serve.