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Hummus (chickpea chutney)

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Hummus is a middle eastern invention(or you can say chickpea chutney in India) , its a most popular dip made from cooked, mashed chickpeas.Hummus makes wonderful with snacks or appetizer,
it can be serve with warm pita bread or on sandwiches.

Usually with chickpeas , I end up making punjabi chole.After trying it with falafel once , I decided to try this dip at home.

Trust me if you have never had hummus or don’t know what it is… try this simple recipe at home and I bet you would simply love it.



Prep Time : 10 mins

Cooking Time :0


2 cups chickpeas boiled.
1 clove garlic, chopped
4 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons tahini(Sesame seed paste)
black pepper and salt to taste
2 tablespoons olive oil

Directions || How to prepare  hummus
In a blender, add lemon juice, tahini, chopped garlic and salt in blender. Blend until creamy and well mixed.

Transfer the mixture to a medium serving bowl.

Sprinkle with pepper and pour olive oil over the top.