Tipsy Pudding

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Tipsy Pudding , the name itself is catchy and tempting.It is a cake well soaked in fresh cream and served with fresh fruits.A must dessert to try this ramadan , its not only filling but also very beautiful,delicious mindblowing dessert.
This recipe is shared by my bro in law Lt Col K Zaheer Abbas, he is a very good cook and he had tried this recipe many times at home and for parties.

Do try this yummy delicious mindblowing recipe and share your experience with us.
Prep time : 30 -35 mins
Cooking time : 0 mins
Serves : 8

Author : Lt Col K Zaheer Abbas


1 600 gm plain sponge cake
1 litre Amul fresh cream
120 gm Hide and seek biscuits
Cholocate Syrup (Hershey)
Vanilla essence
finely chopped fresh fruits (oranges,cherries,muskmelon,pineapple)
50 gm finely chopped Almonds and Cashews
600 ml Miranda/Fanta
300 gm Casor sugar

Direction || Step by step method to prepare Tipsy Pudding

Finely chop 50 gm Almonds and Cashews.

Pour 1 litre of cream in a big bowl.

Add few drops of vanilla essence and 3 tb of Castor Sugar to the cream.

Beat the whipping cream until stiff pick forms ,keep it aside.

While beating the Whipping cream be careful about not to over beat it,because if you over beat the butter starts to separate which spoils the purpose of whipping cream in the dish.

Divide the whipping cream in two parts,Pour the cream into a flat container.

Cut the sponge cake evenly and soak the cake well in the cream..Now the base of the desert is ready.

Top the cake with biscuits,chopped almonds and cashews as well as fresh fruits.

Next top it with the Hershey cholocate syrup and again top cream evenly over the pudding.

Repeat the process again , add cake, biscuits,nuts,fanta and chocolate syrup for the second layer.

For top layer orange zest to the whipping cream and just fold in,then spread the whipping cream evenly and keep in refrigerator for at least 1 hour.

Once chilled to your preference you can directly serve or decorate with some chopped dry fruits or fresh seasonal fruits.

Enjoy this beautiful looking delicious tipsy Pudding


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