Baby recipes for stage 1 (4 to 6 months)

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Rice and Moong Dal water

So is your baby ready for weaning , if yes ,the first think you should introduce to your baby diet is rice water and slowly and gradually after 3-4 days start with moong dal water.Now why rice water ?? Rice water is good for treating diarrhea and it helps to treat constipation as its smooth on digestive system.It helps to keep your baby dehydrated, you can feed your baby every 3-4 hours a day.
Next step is to introduce Moong dal water , now why moong dal ?? among all the lentils,moong is the most safe and non allergic food,its one of the best food for your babies.It includes a good source of vitamins,minerals and protein,also it is easy to digest
Watch step by step how to introduce both these food to your baby’s daily diet.
Please read the instructions before introducing any baby food.Read full recipe..

Baby Fruits Puree


So are you ready to introduce fruits to your baby ?? If yes , you should understand one thing that babies are born with a sweet tooth hence they are likely to enjoy fruits more than vegetables.

The best thing is that fruits are very essential  and plays very important role in baby’s diet as its full of vitamins and minerals.

Read full recipe ..

Vegetables Puree

Carrots , peas and sweet potatoes are the best vegetables purees to start for 4-6 old infants.

carrots make a good first vegetable puree as carrots are excellent source of vitamin A,and its rich in fibers which helps infant to have normal bowel movements.

Peas , the next nutritional food for baby as peas contain protein and it also provides Calcium,Vitamin A and C as well as Iron.

Sweet potatoes are a great first food for infants.They are rich in fiber and starch that soothes the stomach and the intestines, and makes the movement of food much smoother.Babies and kids love sweet potatoes.Read full recipe..

Rice and Dal Home made cerelac powder

Rice Dal homemade cerelac makes very handy whenever you want to make instant food for baby.
The health benefits of moong dal for babies include good source of vitamins, minerals, and protein
and easy to digest. I made this rice dal porridge powder in small quantity but you can make it in bulk for a month.
Store it in air tight container and use it whenever required.Try to introduce this porridge after you have started rice and moong dal water separately for your little one.Read more..


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