Delicious Dahi ke kebabs

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Delicious dahi ke kabab…with pudina chatney…👌👌

◆Recipe of Dahi Kebab

Author : Shweta Shah


Hung curd – 750 gm
Onion (paste)- 2 medium size onions
Green chilli (crushed)- As per taste
Coriander (finely chopped) -As per taste
Kasuri methi -2 tbsp
Paneer (crushed) – approx. 170 gm
Corn flour 2 tbsp
Toast (crushed) – as required

◆Directions || How to prepare Dahi ke kebabs

If you get hung curd from market well and good.

If not, take curd and pour it in mal-mal cloth piece and tie a knot such that all water comes off.

Make sure not even drop of water remains. Do this for 4-5 hours and refrigerate it overnight..

Take the hung curd in a bowl. Mix all the ingredients- green chilly paste , onion paste , corn flour, coriander, paneer , kasuri methi,salt and mix well.
Prepare small kebab from this mixture. Use toast crush to make a layer on the kebab for getting a crisp texture.

Shallow fry this and enjoy the delicacy!

Best served with pudina chutney.


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