Healthy dates(Khajur) nut balls rolled in Pistachio

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Healthy dates(Khajur) nut balls rolled in Pistachio


Khajur (Date) is the main food consumed in the month of Ramadan. It has many health benefits like dates are easy to digest so they don’t exhaust the fasting person stomach.Dates decrease the great hunger feeling of the fasting person and it also prepares the stomach to receive the food after being inactive through out the day with activating the release of digestive secretions and juices.
Dates protect the fasting person from having constipation as a result of changing meals times or as a result of having low fiber amounts in meals.

Not only in Ramadan but dates can be consumed even daily , normally I like to prepare (Khajur)dates nut balls at home and preserve it for a week in a small quantities.

These ladoos can be packed as a snacks in your kids snack box too.These ladoos can be served as a great snacks as it decreases the hunger.

And its very simple and easy to be make and we don’t need any ghee or oil and no sweetener is needed either.

Preparation time : 15 mins
Cook time : None
Serves: 8


20 large dates
¼ cup mixed nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts)
¼ cup pistachio finely chopped.

Directions || How to prepare mixed dates and nuts balls

Removed the seeds off the dates.

Add the dates to a food processor and blend it well.

Then add the almonds , cashews and walnuts to the food processor and grind the dates and nuts as such that the mixture should result in a sticky mass

Roll the mixture in your hands until it forms a ball.

Place the pistachio onto separate plates and then roll the ball in the pistachio until fully covered.

Continue to do so until all of the dates rolls have been coated.

Keep chilled until ready to serve.

Keeps for about one week fresh, in the refrigerator.


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