Musk melon Milkshake

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I happened to visit the market this weekend and found this beautiful looking lucknowi kharbuja.
Muskmelon know as Cantaloupe and well known as kharbuja in Hindi is also summer’s best fruit.Its high water content helps you stay hydrated during the hot season.
A rich source of Vitamin C and its also good for your digestive system. The summer heat is tempting me to prepare lot of drinks for me and my family so I made up my mind to try out this one more thirst quenching, juicy, sweet, refreshing drink of summer.Check out the recipe below.

Muskmelon_milkshake  Ingredients

1 musk melon

1 cup chilled milk

1/2 tsp rose water

1/4 cup cream (optional)

Scoop of vanilla icecream

Direction || How to prepare musk melon milkshake
Put all ingredients, except ice cream in a blender jar and blend smooth.

Transfer into a glass top any flavored ice-cream of your choice and serve chill


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